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Durex Extra Time Condoms For Men – 10
About This Item

Lubricated With Climax Delay Gel – Special Performa Lubricant Contains Benzocaine To Help Him Last Longer
10 Lubricated & Straight Walled Condoms – Transparent, Natural Latex Condoms Shaped With A Teat End To Be Easier To Put On And Provide A Better Fit During Sex
Size – All Condoms Have A Length Of 180Mm And A Width Of 53Mm
Discreet Delivery – Condom Box Delivered In Discreet Packaging With No Branding Or Indication Of Parcel Contents
Durex Quality – With Over 90 Years Of Experience Manufacturing Condoms, Durex Is The World’s No.1 Brand. All Our Condoms Use Only Fine Quality Raw Materials And Every Single One Is Electronically Tested For Holes And Imperfections.

Discover How Durex Extra Time Condoms Can Enhance Intimacy And Prolong Pleasure With Their Climax-control Lubricant, Benzocaine. Our Comprehensive Guide Covers The Science, Benefits, Usage, And Comparison With Other Brands, As Well As Tips For Enhanced Intimacy And Faqs. Find Out Where To Buy Durex Extra Time Condoms And Take Your Special Moments To The Next Level.

Enhance The Intimacy Of Your Special Moments With The Durex Extra Time Condoms. These Condoms Contain Special Climax-control Lubricant, Benzocaine, That Helps Him Last Longer While Providing The Same Level Of Reassurance And Protection As A Regular Condom.

Extra Time – Designed To Delay The Climax And Enjoy A Long Lasting Experience
 He Lasts Longer – Lubricated With Performa Lubricant Which Contains Benzocaine To Make Him Last Longer.
 Safety – Each Condom Is Electronically Tested For Imperfections, The Special Way.


The Importance Of Sexual Satisfaction And Intimacy In Relationships
How Durex Extra Time Condoms Can Help Enhance Intimacy And Prolong Pleasure
Brief Overview Of The Article's Structure.

The Science Behind Durex Extra Time Condoms

How The Climax-control Lubricant Benzocaine Works
Clinical Studies And Efficacy Of Benzocaine
Safety And Compatibility With Different Skin Types.

Benefits Of Using Durex Extra Time Condoms

Prolonged Pleasure For Both Partners
No Compromise On Protection Or Reassurance
Enhanced Intimacy And Stronger Emotional Connection.

How To Use Durex Extra Time Condoms

Step-by-step Guide On How To Properly Use The Condom
Tips For Maximizing Pleasure And Prolonging Intimacy.

Who Should Use Durex Extra Time Condoms?

Ideal For Couples Seeking To Enhance Intimacy
People With Premature Ejaculation Issues
Safe And Effective For All Sexually Active Individuals.

Where To Buy Durex Extra Time Condoms

Availability In Retail Stores And Online
Cost And Affordability
Discreet Packaging And Shipping

Comparing Durex Extra Time Condoms With Other Brands

Comparison With Trojan Extended Pleasure Condoms
Comparison With Lifestyles Everlast Intense Condoms

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Use Benzocaine On Genitalia?
Can Durex Extra Time Condoms Cause Numbness Or Reduced Pleasure?
How Effective Are Durex Extra Time Condoms In Preventing Pregnancy And Stis?

How Long Does The Benzocaine Effect Last?
Can Durex Extra Time Condoms Be Used With Other Lubricants?

Buy Durex Extra Time Condoms Conclusion

Recap Of The Benefits And Effectiveness Of Durex Extra Time Condoms
How They Can Enhance Intimacy And Bring Couples Closer
Final Thoughts And Recommendations For Trying Durex Extra Time Condoms.

Enhance The Intimacy Of Your Special Moments With Durex Extra Time Condoms”

Elevate Intimacy With Durex Extra Time Condoms
Prolong Pleasure With Durex Extra Time Condoms
Durex Extra Time: Intimacy & Pleasure Enhanced
Enjoy Longer-lasting Intimacy With Durex Condoms
Durex Extra Time: The Ultimate Intimacy Enhancer.

Key Features:

Pack Of 10
Straight Walled For A Close Fit
No Side Effects
Natural Latex Condom
Lubricated (Non-spermicidal)
100% Electronically Tested
Use Condom Only Once
Helps In Boost Sexual Performance
Prevent Unexpected Pregnancy
Transparent & Lubricated Natural Rubber.

What's In The Box?

10 X Durex Love Sex Extra Time Long Lasting Condoms - Pack Of 10

Product Information:

Brand: Durex

Variant: Delay Condoms, Plain Condoms

Length: 180 Mm (Min)

Width: 53 - 2 Mm.

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enhance the intimacy of your special moments with the durex extra time condoms. these condoms contain special climax-control

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