8 Inch Silicone Condom

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Original Silicone Transparent Penis Sleeve, Ultra-thin, Non-toxic, And Eco-friendly, Harmless To The Human Body. Salient Spots On The Surface, Can Strongly Stimulate The Female Sensitive Area, Enhance Women’s Sex Desire. A Penis Extender Can Prolong Sexual Intercourse, Providing More Sexual Pleasure For Couples.
Totally Waterproof And Washable, Easy To Keep It Clean And Sterile, Highly Durable For Long-term Use.
Super Soft, Stretchable, One Size Fits All, A Great Tool For Males To Reduce Premature Ejaculation And Boost Performance.

How To Use A 8 Inch Silicone Condom?

Carefully Open And Remove The Condom From Wrapper.
Place Condom On The Head Of The Erect, Hard Penis. If Uncircumcised, Pull Back The Foreskin First.

Pinch Air Out Of The Tip Of The 8 Inch Silicone Condom

Unroll The Condom All The Way Down The Penis. After Sex But Before Pulling Out, Hold The Condom At The Base. Then Pull Out, While Holding The Condom In Place.


Type: Penis Sleeve
Material: Silicone Condom
Color: Transparent
Model: #1; #2(Optional)
Item Weight:
#1: Approx. 16G / 0.56Oz
#2: Approx. 14G / 0.49Oz
Item Size: Approx. 12 * 2.5Cm / 4.72 * 0.98In
Package Weight:
#1: Approx. 19G / 0.67Oz
#2: Approx. 17G / 0.6Oz
Package Size: Approx. 12 * 3.5 * 0.7Cm / 4.72 * 1.38 * 0.28 In.

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