Durex Intense Little Devil Ring Vibrating

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Durex Intense Little Devil Ring Vibrating In Pakistan

Durex Play Little Devil Vibrating Ring
Durex Feel Thin Condom Promises You Complete Pleasure And Ensures Protection At The Same Time. It Gives You The Feeling Of No Condom At All Because Of The Super Thin Layer. These Thinnest Condom In The Latex Range Of Condoms Are Transparent & Naturally Lubricated. The Condoms Are Straight Walled And Teat Ended For Comfort Fit.

It Is A Vibrator That Gives Pleasure To Both Parties.
Suitable For Condom Use.
Flexible Material Suitable For Use On The Body.
It Provides Up To 30 Minutes Of Exciting Vibrations For You And Your Partner.
It Gives Intense Pleasure Thanks To Its Stimulating Head.
Provides Strong Vibration.
It Protects Your Privacy With Its Silent Vibrations.

Product Information

Why You'll Love It
-cock Ring Designed To Help Keep Him Harder For Longer
-vibrating ‘Horns' Stimulates Her Clit Adding More Sensation During Sex
-small, Discreet And Quiet
-single Use Only.

Durex Intense Little Devil Ring Is A Cock Ring With Vibrating Clit Stimulator That Is Designed To Give Women More Sensation During Sex. The Vibrating Head Is Designed To Give Up To 20 Minutes Of Intense Vibrations.
Can Be Used With Durex Natural Rubber Latex Condoms And Durex Lubes Or Pleasure Gels.

Small And Discreet, This Cock Ring Can Be Easily Packed Away For Travel, Kept In Your Bag Or Your Bedroom Drawer. Use For Up To 20 Minutes Of Stimulation.

It's Good To Be In The Know, So Please, Read The Instructions Inside.

Just A Few Warnings: Remember This Sex Toy Is For Adults Only. Keep It Out Of The Reach Of Children. Unlike Some Other Durex Products, It's Not A Contraceptive. For Use With The Same Partner, Single Use Only.
Vibrating Clit Stimulator.

Preparation And Usage

It's Good To Be In The Know, So Please, Read The Info Inside.

Before You Get Started:
Sex Toys Are For Fun And Pleasure, If Using This Ring Feels Uncomfortable Or Painful, Stop And Take It Off Immediately.
Unlike Other Durex Products, Devil Ring Isn't A Contraceptive But You Can Use It With Or Without A Durex Natural Rubber Condom.

How To Use Your Sex Toy:

1. If You Are Using A Condom Put That On First, Before The Devil Ring.
2. Slide The Ring Onto The Penis, Making Sure The Horns Are Positioned To Stimulate The Clit. Take Care Not To Damage The Condom When You Put The Ring On.
3. To Get Your Devil Ring Working, Push The Power Button To Start And Stop The Vibrations
4. Ensure The Devil Ring Horns Are Stimulating The Clit To Increase Enjoyment, But Be Careful Not To Damage The Toy While You're Having Sex.
5. You Can Use The Devil Ring With Durex Water Based Lube Or Pleasure Gels To Explore Different Sensations.

When Your Devil Ring Stops Working:

1. This Sex Toy Can't Be Thrown Away Like Ordinary Waste, Like Any Electrical Or Electronic Equipment And Batteries You Should Take It To A Designated Collection Point For Recycling Or Contact Your Seller Or Municipal Waste Disposal Office For More Information. You Can Recycle The Box But Not What's Inside.
2. Once The Batteries Stop Working, Remove The Plastic Vibrating Bullet From The Ring By Pulling The Rubber At The Opening
3. Insert A Small Coin Into The Slot On The Side Of The Bullet And Twist Until The Bullet Case Opens
4. Remove The Alkaline Button Cell Batteries And Dispose In A Designated Recycling Facility.


Warning: This Product Is For Adults Only. It Is Not A Contraceptive. Please Read The Leaflet Inside The Pack Carefully.

Other Information

Store Your Sex Toys In A Cool, Dry, Dust-free Place Away From Direct Sunlight, It's Best To Keep It Away From Toys Of Other 'materials. It Is Meant For Single Use.

Safety Warning:

Just A Few Warnings: Remember This Sex Toy Is For Adults Only. Keep It Out Of The Reach Of Children. Unlike Some Other Durex Products, It's Not A Contraceptive. We Want You To Have Lots Of Fun, But Don't Share The Devil Ring With Multiple Partners Because It's Designed For One Use Only.

Durex Intense Little Devil Ring Vibrating Clit Stimulation

The Purpose Of The Vibrating Clit Stimulator Built Into The Durex Intense Little Devil Cock Ring Is To Heighten The Sensual Experience For The User. This Cock Ring Can Help Him Stay Erect For Longer, And Its Vibrating Head With ‘Horns’ Can Provide Intense Stimulation For Up To 30 Minutes. This Cock Ring Is Designed To Be Comfortable For Most Guys Thanks To Its Stretchy Material.

Add Extra Excitement And Pleasure To Your Sex Life With Durex Intense Little Devil. Vibrating Rings Head And The Rings Own Vibrations Work Together To Offer Up To 30 Minutes Of Incredible Clitoral Stimulation.

Though Small And Unobtrusive, Its Powerful Vibrations Will Increase The Pleasure You And Your Lover Experience Together. With Its Silent Vibrations, You Can Enjoy Your Pleasure Secretly And Without Interruption. It Can Be Used With Or Without A Condom.

Here’s Why You’ll Attend To Love It

A Ring For The Cock That’s Supposed To Keep Him Hard For Longer.
Vibrating ‘Horns’ Heighten The Experience By Stimulating Her Clit.
Tiny, Unobtrusive, And Serene.
Not For Reuse.

The Vibrating Clit Stimulator Of The Durex Intense Little Devil Ring, A Cock Ring, Is Meant To Heighten A Woman’s Sensual Experience During Sex. The Vibrating Head Can Work At Full Power For A Maximum Of 20 Minutes.
Compatible With Durex Condoms And Lubes And Pleasure Gels Made By The Same Company.

This Key Ring Is Small Enough To Fit In Your Pocket Or A Drawer At Home, Making It Ideal For Travel. You Can Get A Jolt For Up To 20 Minutes.

Please Read The Enclosed Instructions Carefully; Doing So Will Put You In The Know.

A Little Disclaimer: This Sex Item Is Intended Solely For Use By Consenting Adults. Keep It Where Kids Can’t Get To It. It’s Not A Birth Control Option Like Other Durex Products. Must Be Used Only Once And Only With The Same Partner.

Preparation And Application Of Vibrating Clit Stimulators

Please Take The Time To Study The Enclosed Information; It Will Serve You Well To Be Well-informed.

Warning: Durex Intense Little Devil Ring

If At Any Time While Using This Ring You Experience Any Discomfort Or Agony, Please Stop And Remove It.

In Contrast To Other Durex Products, The Devil Ring Is Not A Contraceptive, Although It Can Be Used In Conjunction With Or Instead Of A Condom Made From Durex Natural Rubber.

Use Of Your Sexual Apparatus:

If You Intend To Use A Condom, Insert It Before The Devil Ring.
The Horns On The Ring Should Be Placed Where They Will Stimulate The Clit, And Then The Ring Should Be Slid Onto The Penis. As You Put The Ring On The Condom, Be Careful Not To Tear It.
To Activate Your Devil Ring, Simply Press The On/Off Button To Begin And End The Vibrations.
 Make Sure The Horns Of The Devil Ring Are Tingling The Clit To Maximize Pleasure, But Be Cautious Not To Break The Toy.
The Devil Ring Can Be Used With A Variety Of Lubricants, Including Water-based Lubes Like Durex And Pleasure Gels.

Assuming Your Devil Ring Has Broken,

This Sex Toy Should Be Recycled At A Special Collection Site, Just Like Other Electrical Or Electronic Items And Batteries. For More Information, You Can Ask The Store Where You Bought It Or The Local Waste Disposal Office. The Packaging Can Be Recycled, But The Contents Cannot.

When The Plastic Vibrating Bullet’s Batteries Die, You Can Take It Out Of The Ring By Withdrawing The Rubber Plug.

Third, Open The Bullet Case By Inserting A Small Coin Into The Corresponding Slot On The Bullet’s Side And Twisting The Coin.

Take Out The Alkaline Button Cells And Drop Them Off At A Recycling Center.

Various Other Data Boxes.


Keep Your Sex Toys In A Clean, Dry, And Dark Place, And Separate Them From Other Devices Made From Other Materials. One Person Can Utilize It At A Time.

Important Safety Advice:

Please Note That This Sex Toy Is Intended Only For Mature Adults. Keep It Where Kids Can’t Get To It. It’s Not A Contraceptive Like Other Durex Products. We Hope You Have A Great Time, But Please Don’t Use The Devil Ring More Than Once.

Brand Detail

Let Durex Intense Little Devil Add More Satisfaction And Pleasure To Your Sex Life*. Its Vibrating Head Is Designed To Provide Up To 30 Minutes Of Amazing Clitoral Stimulation Alongside The Deeply Satisfying Vibrations Of The Ring Itself.
It Is Small And Discreet But Produces Powerful Vibrations To Enhance Pleasure For Both You And Your Partner. Its Vibrations Are Quiet For Ultimate Discretion And Uninterrupted Pleasure. Use It With Or Without A Condom.
*Vs Not Using Toy At All.

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