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Original Treatment Of Warts In Pakistan With Price Rs:1850-/Pkr And Get Home Delivery All Across In Pakistan. 100% Original And Effective Treatment Of Warts In Pakistan.

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A Medical Expert, Like A Doctor, Is Best Able To Help You Find The Information And Care You Need. This Information Does Not Constitute Medical Advice Or Diagnosis.

Here Are Some Common Treatments For Warts:

A Tried And True Method That Uses Liquid Nitrogen To Freeze And Kill Wart Tissue. It's Fast, Relatively Painless, And Fairly Effective. However, It May Take Two Or More Treatments.
Salicylic Acid
A First-line Agent For Common Warts That Doesn't Require A Prescription. It Can Be Used At Home And Has Cure Rates Of 50% To 70%.
Swift Microwave Wart Therapy
A Medical Device That Sends A Concentrated Microwave Signal To The Skin To Eliminate Warts. 

Other Treatments For Warts Include:

Noninvasive Treatments May Require Several Sessions To Permanently Remove The Wart.Electrocautery, Surgical Removal, Laser Surgery, Retinoic Acid, Podophyllin, Topical 5-fluorouracil, Interferon, Imiquimod.

Treatment And Services

Salicylic Acid Which Is Applied To The Warts In The Form Of Liquid, Gel Or A Patch.

Cryotherapy In Which The Warts Are Frozen By Applying Liquid Nitrogen To Them.

Other Acids Such As Bichloroacetic Or Trichloroacetic Acids May Be Used In Case Salicylic Acid Or Freezing Fails To Work.

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